About Lakewood, Colorado

Lakewood, Colorado is located close to the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains just slightly west of Denver. Depending where you are in Lakewood, it can be a 10-15 minute drive to downtown Denver. Lakewood is framed by picturesque mountains to the west and when the sunsets an orange glow across the sky there is nothing quite as beautiful. 

The climate is semi-arid with mild snowy winters to warm/ hot summers. The weather can be quite dramatic with fluctuating temperatures at times. It is normal to see all four seasons in one day but usually happens in the Fall and Spring Seasons. 

Lakewood is apart of Jefferson County, which has an above average school rating.  According to Niche, Jefferson County School district is ranked #4 in Denver Metro area and 15 in the state of Colorado. 

Lakewood Recreation

There are extensive recreational activities to enjoy in Lakewood. It is home to Bear Creek Lake Park and William Hayden Park.  Bear Creek Lake Park is a 2600 acre recreational area centered around three lakes. There are 15 miles of trails for biking, hiking and horseback riding.  Enjoy camping, boating, fishing or hanging out by the beach areas of the different lakes. 

William Hayden Park is situated on Green Mountain and has 2400 acres of recreational open space. Enjoy scenic mountain views and wildlife. There is a multi-use trail system for hiking, horseback riding and biking. William Hayden Park has a variety of hikes for all abilities levels. 

Colorado is known for it’s vibrant music scene and Red Rocks Amphitheater is located just 20 minutes West of Lakewood. Many internationally recognize bands play here every summer and is a favorite venue for musicians all over the world. Looking for an art scene? Head over to 40 West Arts District encompassing everything from galleries, performing art centers to public art installations. 

Lakewood Breweries & Shopping

If you’re looking to shop then Belmar Shopping is the way to go, with 80 different stores to choose from, you’re sure to walk away with something. Surrounding the shops you will find a variety of restaurants and entertainment.  Colorado is known for it’s craft beers and you’ll want checkout Great Frontier Brewery and CAUTION: Brewing Company. Both breweries have won several awards for their beers and are located right here in Lakewood. 

There is tons of activities to explore in Lakewood and this is just a brief overview. Lakewood is a beautiful area surrounded by mountain views and a great place to call home. 

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